Saturday, June 23, 2012

Things they say and do


*Selina's overly loved kitty got a split in it's seam on it's head and stuffing was exposed. So I let her pick out the color of stitches (thread) that she wanted me to mend the kitty with. I told her that since we live in the US I will be billing her $95,000 to cover the operation  >:-)

*Keira got hurt and Selina (wearing a rainbow colored shirt) took it upon herself to make Keira feel better. She put her hands and feet on the floor and arched her back. Then she said to Keira, "Look, I am a rainbow! Does that make you feel better?"

*"I think when I am 9 I will get holes in my ears. I will be braver then."

*"Hula trees are, well, actually they are pom pom trees"

*"When I was in your tummy there wasn't much room and I couldn't sleep well. That's why I was kicking."

*Tagpoles = Tadpoles

*My mother-in-law was asking if Selina would take the bus to school and Selina said, "I will get there how I get there. If the teacher says 'Take the bus' I will take the bus. If the teacher says 'Take a car' I will take a car.

*My mother-in-law also mentioned how she would love to live here in Tennessee in one of the many charming houses but Selina dashed that dream when she said, "Well, it's too late now!! You live in Calgary!"

*Selina claims her Belle doll has a baby in it. When asked who the father is she said it's Lightning McQueen. She also added that Belle will be pregnant for nine years. Yikes, poor Belle!

*Tonight at bedtime I asked Selina if she'd like to read me a book but she declined saying, "My breath is too tired."


*When Selina's kitty got stitches, Keira called them skitches

*"Take the wrapper off the banana!"

*"My teeth hurt!"  = I am hungry

*"Rice Crusties" = Rice Krispies   (doesn't that sound appetizing?)

*"Spiders have crunchy legs."

*"Why is that guy wearing a scarf?" asked Keira. I told her it's a tie.    :)

*"Calgrate" = Calgary

*Selina was undoing something I'd just done so I told Selina, "Please don't! I did that for a reason!!" Then Keira looked at me confused and said, "A raisin?"

*Keira loves to dress up at my friend's house. Her new favorite costume is a cape and mask. She runs around the house hollering, "Super Arrow!!! To the wescue!". It took me only a moment to understand that super arrow is actually super HERO  :-D

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