Sunday, July 15, 2012

Wasp Bite and quotes from the girls

This has been quite the summer, weather wise. We've had record breaking highs, drought, followed by torrential down pours and insane humidity (my hair looks fabulous thanks to the humidity. NOT!)
I'm not complaining, we needed rain desperately and there's more to come. Today the sun did however make it's appearance again and my hubby decided to tackle our newly revived turf. Unfortunately during the tackling of the turf my poor man got stung by a wasp, or some sort of creature. At first he said he was feeling not good. Then he got hives and the bite area swelled. So I made a quick trip to the pharmacy to get benedryl and talked to the pharmacist to make sure that's what I should get. She informed me that benedryl is what I should get but more importantly, "GET HIM TO A HOSPITAL!"  Well crap! I left my kids with him and he could be dead in our bedroom right now. I quickly got on my phone as I ran out of the pharmacy and dialed home. No answer. So I called again and  I thought if he doesn't answer I will kill him! (if he's not already dead of course.) Ring...ring...ring...ring....ring...WTH!  Then "Hello?" he finally answered.
"OH THANK GOODNESS! YOU'RE ALIVE!!!" I shouted at my phone. Then I continued, "The pharmacist says you you be on your way to the hospital! Are your airways closing?? How do you feel right now??"
"I feel fine." He said, "Just ITCHY everywhere." I could tell I annoyed him with my unnecessary ecstatic tone. It wasn't my fault, the pharmacist led me to believe he's as good as dead when you get a wasp bite followed by hives. "Well, I am on my way. Be there in 5 minutes. Don't die on me! We don't have life insurance!" No just kidding, I didn't say that last part. I should ask him if we have life insurance. Note to self: check life insurance situation.
Anyhoo, got home, gave the polka dot husband benedryl and he took a rest in our room. I started to make dinner. Sloppy Joes was dinner by the way and it turned out really well!
Half way through my dinner creation, he came out and said he's going to go to the hospital. I looked at him, took note of his swollen face and red nose and agreed it was time to at least see some sort of doctor. He insisted on driving himself even though he just popped several benedryl pills and I know what happens when you take benedryl, you get sort of sleepy. Actually, a lot sleepy. But I also know that since he can tolerate mass amounts of caffeine before bed,  and the opposite may be true that he will not be affected by the sleepy pills.  Well either way, dinner will be good tonight! 
"Don't die!" I called after him as he left the house to drive to the hospital and I got back to stirring the pot of grub.
Well, with Ryan out and about battling an allergic reaction to a wasp bite and the kids are playing nicely before bed I figured this would be a good time to update the blog with the most recent Selina and Keira quotes and other stuff. Here they are!


*"When I grow up I will be a marker maker"

*Selina's new favorite book? My old high school english-spanish dictionary. She sits on the floor thumbing through the pages looking for words she knows and sounding out others. "I found corn!" She hollered happily." This is an awesome book!"

*"I have that word in my eye. That's how I know how to spell it!" 

*"Daddy, you are full of POWER."  (Currently he is full of medication.)

*Selina figured something out that caused me to think she is rather intelligent so I asked her, "How did you think of that?" and she replied, "My thinking bone."

*"Is Cottontown made of cotton candy?"

*I told Selina to clean up her mess and she said in a very exhausted voice, "I think I am getting nervous. I can't clean up when I'm nervous."


*Keira's a smarty pants. When she wants something she doesn't ask of it for her. She finds a way to make you believe it's something you need to do for her. So for example, she loves the car wash. She doesn't say, "Mommy, I want to go to the car wash." Nope. She says instead, "Your car is dirty. Your car is dirty. You need to go to the car was. The car is dirty." Same goes for bath time (she LOVES the bath) "I'm dirty. Look at me. I'm dirty."

* "Celebrations"  took me a while, but then I figured out that "celebrations"  means pinata in Keira speak.

* Keira ends a lot of sentences with , "happily ever after. Theeeeeeee end."  Example, "Mom? When's daddy coming home? Is he at work? I wike daddy. Happily ever after. Theeeeee end."

Well, only a few weeks away till my baby starts kindergarten. I am counting down! Selina just had a great week at VBS and I know school will be so awesome. That means summer is almost over for us :(  And that means Fall is right around the corner :-D  Bring on the pumpkins and hayrides and scarecrows and Halloween! 

Well, that should do it. Ryan will be home soon and I shall feed him. I think he'll be alright :)

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