Thursday, February 24, 2011

Blueberries on the loose!

It's a rainy day, but that didn't stop me from packing up the kids and going shopping this morning! First we went to Target then to Wiggles and Giggles kids consignment. I found a few great dresses for Selina and I am thrilled! Score! I've only hunted down dresses for Selina's Spring/Summer wardrobe because that's all she wears.
Then we went to Publix. Normally after going to two stores, I would head home, but for Publix I make the exception because it is awesome. I like to shop for 2 weeks worth of groceries in one shot, so my Publix trips are lengthy and testy for the girls. Every time I step into Publix, I feel like I've walked on the Pleasantville movie set. People there are freakishly friendly, but I like it :) First though, we must get chocolate chip cookies for the girls from the bakery. Once the cookie is in their hands, I have approximately 6 min 14 seconds to get as much shopping done in peace as I can. One of the reasons I heart Publix is because half of the groceries I need are right at the front door - all of the sale items, I feel like I've accomplished a lot even before getting to the back of the store. Anyways, I glance at Keira's half eaten cookie and calculate I have about 3 minutes to get all the fruit and vegetables I need. I park the buggy in the middle and start collecting the items and tossing them in the cart. Then I make my way to the meat section. The cookies are eaten and therefore ends the peace. So while I am picking out chicken, Keira opens a container of blueberries and scatters them all over the floor. A Publix employee who was standing right there said, "Oh don't worry I'll get those!" But Selina was already running circles around me picking them up. "Don't eat them please Selina!" I said. Between Selina and I, we got most of the blueberries, but we also squished a bunch of them into the floor. I picked up the squished ones too and then looked around for a garbage, but that kind Publix employee extended open palms to me and I dropped the nasty squished blueberries into her hands. I turned 50 shades of red and apologized for the blueberry massacre.  "Not a problem, I will dispose of these." she said. I laughed awkwardly and walked back to the cart in total embarrassment. I got carried away in my thoughts for a moment about how children can really make you the center of an uncomfortable situation. I've tried so hard to keep my composure in these kind of moments, but for me it's near impossible. Just then there was a huge explosion!  What the heck was that? I look at Keira and then at my feet and saw a can of PAM baking spray rolling around on the floor. heaven help me, I thought my heart was going to jump out of my chest! Thankfully, the can itself didn't explode, but the lid blasting off of it made me think so. I looked behind me and now there are two Publix workers standing there. One with a hand full of blueberries and another guy from the meat department. He smiled at me and said, "Looks like ya got your hands full."
"Oh yes!  Ha ha,  ha   ha" Then I turned even more red, picked up the can of PAM and ran away down the next isle. These people must think I am crazy! However, I managed to get my last few items easily and went to the check out.
I started to unload all of my groceries and the cashier began a friendly conversation with me. As she scanned the items, 2 baggers were putting away my groceries. Then the customer service people came over and the management were coming out of their offices. They all came to offer a kind "Farewell!" and "Have a nice day!"
Still recovering from tomato face, I felt suddenly awkward again in all of this Publix attention. I half expected them to break out in song, Broadway style, and share their best rendition of 'So Long, Farewell' from the Sound of Music.
Instead, Grandpa (another employee, calls himself Grandpa and carries candies in his pocket) gave me his giant umbrella as it was pouring buckets of rain. He told me to put the kids in the car and drive up to the store and he would put all of my bags into my trunk for me. I was so thankful for that umbrella! It was massive!  But as I walked to the car, the wind would catch it and I was almost certain we were about to fly home. I managed to get the kids and the massive umbrella into the car and Grandpa was waiting for me in the rain. I was also impressed that he covered my groceries in a tarp!
So you see, this is what I am getting at; Publix is awesome, even when you're not.

The end!


Kimberly said...

Publix is awesome. Even when you're not. - Sounds like a new advertising slogan. You should let them know. :) I ♥ Publix, too.

And we did Wiggles and Giggles this morning, as well. Don't know how I missed ya! I did see January and several other friends while we were there though...

Fun post!

Kristin said...

Oh darn, I would have loved to run in to you! (Not, literally - that wouldn't be nice!) I might go back on 50% off day. It was so much fun!

Josh said...

"I was so thankful for that umbrella! I was massive! "

- Your bro

Kristin said...

"it" :)