Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A trip to Urgent Care

Well, this story ought to help me get back to blogging! It's not that I wanted to quit blogging, I do it all the time in my head. But from head to type I can't seem to find the time. It's a shame since my kids offer a lot of blog worthy inspiration that I easily forget in the midst of day to day stuff. Things like Keira saying, "Mommy is not a dot!!! She is speed..."  

It's not every day though that you make an emergency trip to see a doctor!

It all started when Selina began to scream and ran over to me while pointing at her nose. She was completely hysterical and I had to do my best to calm her down just so she could tell me what happened. I said to her, "Selina, settle down and tell me what happened so I know what to do next."
Sobbing uncontrollably she told me she'd put something in her nose.
"What was it?" I asked.
"A bell!"
"A bell???"  Just then I remembered the girls have a bracelet that had a bell on it and I figured it must have been that one. So I asked, "Can you breath ok? Does it hurt?"
She said she couldn't breath and it hurt a lot.
"Ok, try breathing through your mouth. We have to go to the doctor."  The mention of a doctor frightened her at first, but I assured her the doctors will be very nice and they have fixed these kind of problems many times. Meanwhile in my head, I pictured doctors putting a scope into her nose and digging around in her brain looking for the lost bell. It was a frightening thought, followed by another frightening thought how much is this going to cost...
At first I planned to go right to the ER because all of the regular clinics had just closed, but after talking to my husband over the phone, we decided to see if there was an Urgent Care clinic open. Luckily there was one not too far from us and it closed at 6, giving me time to drop Keira off at my friend's house and still have time to see a doctor. (Shout out to Cindy who took in Keira and fed her dinner (plus her own kids) while nursing a broken foot!)
As I was driving I looked in my mirror and saw that Selina was slumped over in her seat and was not responding to me calling her name. I called her a little louder and louder and finally shouted SELINA!!!! She dozily looked at me and told me she was really tired. I didn't know if she actually was super tired or if the bell was cutting off oxygen and she was losing consciousness, I was totally freaked out. I wanted to put the pedal to the metal  except suddenly a train was going to cross over the crossing and I had to wait for it. I watched her in my mirror making sure her chest was rising and falling with her breath, but I seriously couldn't get to the doctor fast enough.  I prayed there would be no line up at the Urgent Care and that this whole thing could be easily resolved.

Finally at the Urgent Care I called at Selina to wake up and I carried her in to the office. We were greeted by a friendly front reception who asked what had happened. I told her my daughter inhaled a bell. She said she was going to get the nurse and she would ask some more questions. The nurse came and I told her all that had happened and also mentioned Selina told me it felt like the bell was going down her throat. The nurse told me she would look at her, but this very well could be the case for the ER. It was likely an x-ray would be needed to locate where exactly the bell was. First things first, put a light up Selina's nose to see if the bell was visible. Thank goodness it was!

The nurse asked Selina to try blowing really hard while she closed the other nostril. Selina did her best, but nothing happened. The the nurse told me we could try a different way but not to get my hopes up, she will probably still have to go to the ER. Her method was have Selina lie on her back, close the good nostril, and then I would have to completely cover her mouth and blow as hard as I could. Both Selina and I felt uncomfortable with going through with this, but it was worth a try.
Poor Selina was wide eyed as I enclosed my mouth round hers. Then I gave a big breath out. Since I made a poor seal around her mouth, it pretty much made an awful sound and spit was flying everywhere. AH, so so gross. I felt terrible for Selina when I told her we have to try again! She shook her head NO and pursed her lips together. I started laughing and apologizing at the same time, "Mommy will do better this time, I promise!"  So once again, mouth to mouth, I exhaled like a mighty wind and the little bell shot out of her nose nearly hitting the light in the ceiling, landing on Selina's stomach making a small jingling noise to signify the end of the ordeal. The nurse hopped and said, "Yipee!!!!!" She told me that rarely ever works but when it does it's fantastic!!  Selina and I were very relieved.

I gave Selina a sucker. We celebrated with Chic-fil-A. And now it's time for bed.

The end.


Kristi Moore said...

Oh my gosh. I can't help but LOL to that. Even a trip to Urgent Care in your life is a slightly amusing adventure!
I don't blame Selina for not liking the twisted mouth to mouth ritual. Adam does that to me as a small, but funny (to him) game aka. punishment..

Shuggy said...

Oh Krisitn, the story was wonderfully told and it made me think of that movie One Fine Day. I could hear your voice as I read and laughed right out loud as I came to the climax. So glad it all came out in the end.

NEDP said...

I read this out loud to my family. My kids both lol'd and Gavin even asked if I could read it again last night. He did a belly laugh at the story.

Thanks for sharing it. :) And... sorry. :/ At least the bell was still accessible! Also you had a real positive nurse there, eh?