Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Diapers be gone!

For several weeks now, Keira has pretended to go potty but never actually did the deed. Potty training (to me) is by far the most frustrating thing I've ever endured. To emphasize my point: If someone does not use their turn signal, that's frustrating. But then I'll think of the funny bumper sticker the other day that said, "Use your signal! I can't read your damn mind!" and then I'll laugh. Or, the kids wind themselves around my feet like cats while I'm trying to make dinner, that's frustrating too. Burning cookies (as I've just done moments ago) also frustrating  But potty training pushes me over the edge. It's times like these I question whether or not I am fit to be a mother! Until last Friday that is. Keira went and found the training potty in the hallway closet. (A few weeks ago I sent that potty into the closet and slammed the door and told Keira she's not allowed to potty train yet! Mommy's nerves couldn't handle it!) But she ignored me, got that potty and went pee in it!! I was ecstatic!! She quit for a few days and picked it up again today. She's gone at least six times today and I couldn't be more proud :-D

I realize that going on about potty training may not be very cool, however this level of excitement doesn't come around every day. And it's not even all for Keira, it's for me too. You see, I've changed many diapers. Actually, let's try some math...

Selina was potty trained at 24 months. There's about 234 diapers in a box. I go through 1 box a month. Sometimes more, sometimes less. I'll stick to 234/month.

234x24 = 5,616 diapers. I've changed a good 90% of those which makes it 5,054.

Keira is 23 months and has a few more to go before being really potty trained.

234x26 = 6,084  I've changed 95% of those (at least) which makes that 5,475

5054 + 5475 = 10,529

and furthermore, 10,529 x .21 (twenty one cents per diaper) = $2217.39 in diaper costs


So YES this is very exciting!  If I hang a banner across my garage that says "BOTH OF MY KIDS PEE IN THE POTTY" I'm not insane - I'm relieved and proud!

There you have it, Keira's and my big news of the week.

Now for Selina :)

I bought some grade school activity books for Selina and I to do together because she's not attending preschool/MDO this year.  We started with the grade 1 addition. Selina loves to "Play maths"!  She has almost completed the whole book. Even when I'm not with her doing it, she sits at my desk and plays maths by herself. I'll go through her book and see she's done many questions and got most of them answered correctly!

Today she baked her first cake by herself in her new Easy Bake Oven!  Turned out great!

We made homemade GAK (aka slime) and both of the girls love playing with it.

We are getting excited for our beach trip coming up!  Selina plans on getting her Daddy to teach her how to swim. Soon she will be a mermaid :)

Now I am going to see if Keira needs to go to the potty :)

The end.

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