Friday, August 26, 2011

Fountain Fun - well, for some of us.

Selina learned how to hula hoop a few days ago at a friend's house. I decided I better go buy one for her since she loves to hula hoop!
When we went to pick one up, there were only large size hoops left. I felt sad for her and told her that the ones left were too big for her. She responded, "Let me try!" I pulled one down for her and sure enough, she did it no problem. It worked out because now I can hula hoop too! Selina has been giving me lessons.
After we got the hoop, I took the girls to DQ for dinner. We got hotdogs and shared a banana split blizzard - yum!
From there we went to the fountains at the outdoor mall. The fountains are the kind that shoot upward from nozzles in the ground. At night time they're lit up and kids have a ton of fun playing in them. 
The sun was setting and it was the perfect time in the evening to splash in the water. On this evening, we had the fountains to ourselves for the most part. I sat on the bench and watched the girls play in the water. But it was getting toasty sitting on the bench so I thought to myself, "What the heck, might as well get my feet wet too!"  As I made my way over to Keira, I noticed she was checking out a wasp! Ah!  "Keira, don't touch the bug!!" I said to her as I picked her up and moved backwards away from it. I didn't notice that I'd stepped right over top one of the fountain nozzles. And just like that, Niagara Falls in reverse shot up my dress. I let out a scream at such a disturbance "down there"!  So now the bottom half of me is soaked.

This is...embarrassing.

Want to know who witnessed this too? Well let me tell you!!  To my right, about 6.735 yards away were three police men chit chatting together. They saw.  And to my left, a big red fire truck with firemen sitting inside. They saw too. WHY was there a fire truck there? I didn't see any fires!! Plus several random shoppers stopped when they heard the shriek.
 I said to the girls, "Oh look at the time kids, it's late! We need to go!"
And we left. Quickly.

About the girls

1) Selina to her Dad: "When you RIP apart the moon, what's it made of?" Dad replies, "It's made of rocks." Selina, "It's too small to be a rock."
2) Selina to me: "Why does the sun come up and go down?" I said back, "Actually the sun appears to go up and down, but the earth is spinning and going around the sun."  Selina said in response, "Everyone is getting dizzy."
3) While making dinner with me, Selina and I were listening to the radio. Then the radio weather guy was giving a weather report and Selina said to Keira and I, "Shhhhhhh! I'm trying to listen to the weather!"

1) "Mommy I cared (scared). Funder (thunder) mommy, funder!" There was no thunder at the time, Keira just copies what Selina says.
2) When Keira gets in trouble and I say, "NO" or "Stop!" Keira says, "Sorry mommy, sorry mommy, sorry mommy!" And unless I say, "It's ok." Keira will continue apologizing. There's been times where she hollers, "SORRY MOMMY!!!!!!!!!!!"
3) Still one of my favorites, "Yeth" (yes)
4) "No, I no wanna ______" fill in the blank - go outside - go to bed - brush teeth - eat dinner

Kids begging to go outside, guess that will be the end of the blog today!

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