Saturday, February 11, 2012

Wook out!! Wook out!!

Tonight Selina and her daddy are attending a daddy-daughter dance. Selina has been looking forward to this for weeks. Just about every evening at dinner time, Selina whispers into Ryan's ear, "I'm really excited to go to the 'Balance Times Day" dance with you."
I took Selina to find a very special dress for this special occasion. She wants to look pretty for her daddy.

I have been so delighted to see several of her other little friends and their daddies all dressed up ready to dance the night away. It's just so sweet!

This week has been rather cold!  I have avoided going outside at all costs. I've even put off going to the grocery store for days and days! We've been eating Ritz crackers and applesauce and carrot cake - and that's pretty much it.
Since we're spending all this time inside, the girls have had to be creative in coming up with games to play. They've made lots of tents, played catch, cut paper, tied ropes all over, and my favorite is Selina's "octa-gole" courses she's made for her and Keira.
We did have one nice day last week where we got to play at the park. On the way to the park I took a wrong turn and got lost. After a few minutes of searching for the right road I finally figured out where I was going. Selina said, "I think we are here now in 46 miles!"

I love what I hear from the back seats of my car :-D

When Keira and I were driving home from a friend's, she started yelling, "Wook out! Wook out! Wook out!!"
So I asked her, "Look out for what?"
She said, "Wook out for that tree!!"  And when we passed a tree she went, "Whew! Dare, all done."

I am just in awe of all of Keira's new words and sentences she's been spouting out lately.
The other night Ryan got home kinda late and went to say goodnight to the kids who were already in bed. He told me Keira said to him "my toes are cute" while wiggling them in the air. I have to agree, her toes are mighty cute. Such a random statement though!
My other favorite Keira word is "narf" otherwise known as a scarf.

I hope I don't have to wear a narf much longer. A whole bunch of daffodils bloomed this week only to be blasted with frigid weather. I'm ready for Spring!

And...I'm ready for bed.


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Kimberly said...

I ♥ the "Balance Times" Day part. :)