Monday, January 23, 2012

What's going on lately!

What's Selina done lately?

Well, Selina has started ballet class and she loves it!  Last month we saw a ballerina doing a scene from The Nutcracker at a local cupcake joint and Selina was captivated. We've done two weeks now and she can show me some of the dance moves she's learned - in combination with her own. Hopefully this is something we can stick with for a while!
Today Selina did something I'd never expect one of my girls to do. She picked up a worm.  I know this seems harmless, but if you've ever met her mother you would know this actually quite horrifying, touching bugs n' all. In my opinion, bugs and most parts of nature are for our viewing pleasure only. No touchy!  So when I saw her holding this dear creature I told her she needed to release it back into the wild immediately. Then she told me she named him Cloudy and would make him a nice home. As she turned to leave off the deck, she lifted the worm to her lips and ever so gently KISSED IT.  (Cindy, if you're reading this, evidently this is something Claire does all the time!)  GAG GAG GAG GAG!  As I was gagging I muttered to Selina, "We do not kiss worms! Ever!"  Not ever.  I had to call my husband at work and tell him what his daughter just did. Yuck.
Moving on to a more pleasant story now.
My kids love popcorn and I finally invested in an air popcorn popper thingy. We brought it home, I set it up and began making the first batch of popcorn. Soon after we turned the air popper on, it began to heat the kernels and before they actually popped, they started to shoot out of the popper like flaming hot mini projectiles. I had to clear the girls out of the kitchen so they wouldn't be blasted with kernels.
"Good grief!" I said. "This is the worst popcorn popper ever!!"  To which Selina replied, "What we need is a donut maker! Donuts don't pop away and make a mess!"

Other things Selina has said,
"I have a freeze bone!"  = brain freeze
Selina was jumping on Ryan and I and said we were a "mommy-daddy ground"  ie: play ground
"Chocolate crowns" = peanut butter cups
Had key lime pie for dessert a while ago, Selina noted "It does not have anything yucky in it!"
"Peaches turn into tomatoes"   ??

Now it's Keira turn!

I took Keira to the McDonald's play place while Selina was in ballet class on the weekend. We shared some oatmeal and she climbed around the play area. When it was time to leave, I saw Keira at the top of the play place (a good 10 stories high - at least).  I tried to call her to come down. She said NO. I said YES.


I started to get angry. Mostly because I had this nagging thought that I would have to climb to the top and get her. So I yelled a little bit louder. "KEIRA! We have to go NOW and get Selina. GET DOWN or you'll be in BIG trouble young lady!!!!!!!!!!"


Now I was angry. I did not want to go in that stinky, slimy, nasty, awful play ground. But I did.
Into the green tunnel I went. First thing I noticed was the stank scent of sweat and chicken McNuggets. Next thing I noticed was how closed in and trapped I felt. The farther I went, the darker and smellier it got. I had to breathe through my mouth. All the while I was calling to Keira to get her little behind down to where I was. I heard her little footsteps stomping above me, but I didn't know how far away she was. I stayed put for a while and continued to call for her. Finally I saw her round the blue tunnel. She went to turn away from me but I grabbed her, hauled her on my lap and we both slid down the pink slide.
When we emerged from the slide I saw that this little escapade was great morning entertainment for the McDonald patrons who could see us through the 2 story wall of glass. One elderly man was laughing and nodded a job well done.
I nodded back "thanks".
We are not going back to that play ground place EVER!

What else is going on with Keira?

Well funny thing, she ends all of her angry statements with "ever".  Such as,
"I not eat my dinner ever!"
"I not talk to you mommy! Ever!"
"I not put panties on ever."
"I not you fwend Sweena ever!"
Where on earth did she learn that from?

When we watch football and one player tackles another Keira will say, "Be nice football game! Be nice!"

And that pretty much sums up what's happened lately  :)

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