Saturday, April 23, 2011

What if Adults did that?

Sometimes I laugh when I see my children doing something and I think, "What would it be like if adults were the same as them?"
For instance, my darling daughter Selina has had some troubles lately getting along with friends. One friend in particular was rather hurt by Selina's unkind words to her and lack of friendly conversation. Then our little friend's mother miraculously found common ground between them - SpongeBob. Particularly his pants. Now the girls have great fun sitting next to each other at a table yelling out "Spongebob stinky pants!" or "Spongebob rectangle pants!" And they try and outdo each other, laughing at their own creativity.
What if Adults did that at Starbucks over a cappuccino? "Spongebob I'm-late-for-work pants!"

I love picking Keira up from Sunday school and poking my head in the door to see what she's up to before she sees me. I always chuckle when I see little ones walking around, stumbling over each other. They are so funny because they can't control their new talent of walking and are constantly running into one another. It doesn't even phase them! That's the best part! Little Tommy may be standing in the middle of the crowd then little Keira slams into him and just walks away! No apology! And even better, little Tommy doesn't care!
Now picture yourself at a social gathering. Everyone all dressed up, walking around aimlessly, and every so often just walk into somebody just because :)

Selina always loves to make an entrance.  She doesn't just simply enter a room, no no! She finds a way to demand the attention of everyone. It doesn't matter where it is either. It can be school, church, Santa's workshop, the bathroom, or her bedroom. She will glide in like a bird, arms spread wide, on her tip toes, followed by a graceful display of interpretative dance.  Oh how I would love to show up someones house (whom I would be meeting for the first time of course) and put on my best dance moves. They would be totally freaked out!  But when a 4 year old does it, it's funny and cute!  What if that was the norm? What if everybody has to enter a room, be it a meeting room or your dentist's office and bust a move first?

Selina and her best friend Claire are the same age and have hit some great milestones together. Drinking from a cup, using a fork, first gymnastics class, upgrading to a booster seat in the car, and let's not forget the biggest one: potty training. Claire's mom and I joke that Claire and Selina are true best friends because they've helped each other out in the bathroom.  Like putting the potty seat on, getting the right amount of TP ready, words of encouragement "you can do it!", and wiping each others behind.
What if....
No No No

So glad we all grow up. Well, some of us do.

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