Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Well Checks

Today was our scheduled Well Check with the girl's doctor. So that meant weight and height measurements plus shots.
Turns out both of the girls are between 75-80% for height and a measly 30% weight for Keira and 50% weight for Selina. I got grilled a bit on what they eat and how much, but thankfully their doctor does see that genetics plays a role.
I had to get Selina's shot records faxed from another doctor, but that doctor's office never did send them over to our new doctor during our appointment, so only Keira got one shot. Keira was sad, but I handed her a handful of gummies the moment the pricking was done. Keira informed one of the nurses that she does a good job :)
After we went home I made a few phone calls and got the shot records thing sorted out and we went back in the afternoon. Selina had been looking forward to getting her shots all day. She was excited to go back and get hers done and she told me she was going to be brave. Then I found out that between some confusion between our Canada record and the one we have here, Selina's never received any HEP shots. That meant she had to get 5. I asked Selina if she wanted to get all 5 done today and she said she did. I don't think she really knew what she was in for. Before she knew it I was holding her down on the table and the nurse went to town jabbing her legs with needles. Her little back arched with each jab and the nurse had to make sure I was holding her down. Thankfully our nurse "does a good job" and had it over with quickly. Selina was deeply disappointed that she was not brave and cried even more because of it. I told her she was brave even though she cried, not too many people choose to have that many needles at one time! I haven't told her yet that she needs 3 more over the course of the next few weeks to bring her completely up-to-date. Selina limped out of the doctor's office.
Afterwards we had McFlurries and play time at McD's and all is well now.

What They Say

* We went to Kohls one day and as we walked into the store Keira stopped dead in her tracks and yelled    "HEY EVERYBODY!!!!" like she owned the place. Everybody was amused and some even said "Hey" back.
* "Opal sauce" = apple sauce
* "bathing soup" = bathing suit
* Keira has a ballerina suit that she loves to wear. She calls it her "ballet"  ex:  Mommy, can I wear my ballet?
* A conversation between Selina and Keira:
Keira: Selina, you keep me safe from a funder storm and a ternado?
Selina: I will slam down your gate, grab you from your bed, and bring you to mommy's closet!
Keira: I wuv you Selina.
Selina: I love you too.
(mommy's heart melts!)

* Selina got a body book and has been learning all about how the body works. She's sad to learn that a heart doesn't actually look like a real shape of a heart :(  I remember being disappointed by that too.
* Selina is going to be a weather girl one day. We borrowed a whole bunch of weather books from the library and we're learning all about storms and rainbows and temperature. Ryan and I always consult Selina on her weather predictions. She refers to her weather gadgets (imaginary gadgets on her arm that she taps with her finger to initiate). She will tell us that there is "High shooting rain and scattered thunderstorms. Maybe even a tornado."
* Ryan and I LOVE teaching Selina new words. This week she's learned "coasting" and "evaporation".
* Once again my allergies are acting up so I took some allergy meds and called Ryan to tell him that when he gets home from work in 15-20 minutes, I might be passed out from allergy medications. Sure enough, when he got home I was barely with it, laying on the couch trying to watch the girls twirl around in their ballerina garb. "Oh look!" Ryan said, "Selina, Keira AND mommy are all spinning" referring to my dizzy state of mind. Selina said back to him, "No, mommy's head only spins when she is saying NO." I immediately pictured myself at my breaking point of frustration with my kids, head spinning and steam shooting out of my ears. Ya, that's pretty accurate at 5 o'clock every day. Every day.

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