Thursday, May 3, 2012

Stuff they say


Keira staring at her toes: I have an ouchie on my toes
Me: Don't touch it!
Keira: I not. I just wooking. He's happy! (the ouchie) He's all better. He's soooo sweet!

Tuh-tay-toe = tomato
neocorn = unicorn
sun scream = sun screen
puffet = puppet
chicka fway = Chic fil A


Selina and I were in the kitchen and I heard her say, "Mom, that's not right!"
"What's not right?" I asked. Then she starting singing the alphabet song but in a totally weird order, "F B X O M Q U S G K E R. See!!! It's not right!!"
So I went over to her and saw she was looking at the back of a cereal box, which had a word search on it. Poor Selina thought someone really messed up on the alphabet, but she was just reading the first line of the word search :)

On Selina's birthday we blew up a whole bunch of balloons. As they day went on I noticed less and less balloons around the house and wondered where they went. A few days later I opened Selina's closet and there were all the balloons. She snatched them all up and stuffed them in her closet because they are a "balloon family."
 A few days after that I was looking for Selina and found her on the floor in her room weeping as if there was a death in the family; Indeed there was a death. A balloon death. Natural cause: deflation.
She looked up at me and sobbed, "It was just a baby! The family is sad! It was just *sniff sniff* a little baby."
Well, I was not blessed with the gift of comforting others so the best I could come up with was, "Well Selina, she lived a good life. All balloons eventually lose their air. You need to enjoy them while they're still full of air and be thankful for the time you had with them. Now let's have a cookie."  I gave her a hug and secretly discarded the limp piece of rubber when she wasn't looking. She's seems to have forgotten it :)

Something Selina does which I find funny, is she asks if she was blurry when she does something really fast. So she'll come running across the room and do a super fast somersault and immediately ask me if she was blurry, as in so fast I couldn't see her clearly :-D I tell her she is very blurry.

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