Thursday, July 28, 2011

Fireflies and Zig Zags

It's no secret that I am slightly addicted to sewing. In fact, these last 2 weeks I have actually dreamed about sewing. I would dream about cute things to make and sewing perfect lines. Then one night I had a nightmare, I back-stitched all over the place, making a big mess of fabric. I woke up all panicked and was instantly relieved that it was all a dream. I am so addicted to sewing that I value everything against how much a yard of fabric is. Example, today on my grocery trip I threw a box of cereal into my cart and thought, "That cereal is $2 dollars, or the equivalent to 1/3 yard of fabric." I also thought, "I could buy a pound of shrimp for $7.99 OR skip buying the shrimp and get almost 2 yards of fabric!" So I skipped the shrimp. They still had their tails on anyways - I don't do tails. Yuck.
Sewing is so much fun to me! I'll keep doing it for a while :)

This week's stuff on the girls:

Selina shocked me the other day by reading Go Dog Go! Although the bulk of what she read was from pure memory of hearing the story a million times - she read 43 pages with out any help!  She is thriving on words and how to spell them. She said to me the other day,
"Mommy!!!!  I know how to spell DVD!!!!"
"Oh really?" I said.
"Yes!" she replied, "It's spelled D-V-D!"
"You're right!!!!" I congratulated her :)
Now that would be a simple word (if you can call it that), yet just about every where we go Selina will find real words that she knows. Makes her Mama proud!

Keira has recently been dubbed "The Queen of Gross". She lives up to that title almost daily. Today, she randomly licked the door of the bathroom stall at Target. That's right licked - tongue on door. WHY WHY WHY???? WHY does she do these things?

One of my favorite Keira phrases from the last week is "It waining on the wingtet" (It's raining on the swing set) !

Today we went out for dinner (since I didn't buy shrimp, I had nothing to make!). After dinner Keira was kinda getting bored so we went outside to check out the scenery. I sat at a bistro table while Keira walked around the front area of the restaurant smelling flowers. Every so often a car would go by, then Keira would stand on the side walk and lift her shirt up as to flash the occupants of the vehicle. Not cool! She thought it was funny though.

It finally rained today and brought the temperatures down to bearable. Selina, Keira, and I stood on our deck in the rain and had a good 'ol time.
Between the rain and the humidity, a nice dense fog settled on the glistening green grass this evening. I got to gaze at the fireflies lighting up amidst the fog as the sun set tonight - one of the most magical things I've ever seen.

I hope instead of dreaming about zig zag stitches tonight, I'll think of the fireflies instead :)


jillmoore said...

:-) I love that you've found a hobby you're so engrossed in! This is how I currently feel about identifying trees, although I can't dress my kids in trees, so it's a slightly less productive hobby I have. My youngest sister used to flash people just like Keira!

Kristin said...

Jill - I will make you a tree outfit for your kids. It will have to be Maple or pine b/c those are the only trees I can identify :) I think that is a cool hobby too!

nford said...

One of our former students/employees used to lick the railings at West Edmonton Mall and she turned out to be one of the most delightful young women of all time, so don't fret over Keira's "tastes". :)

Kristi Moore said...

Sounds so awesome out there! Send some rain this way; we need some cloud cover to cool our apartment and cars etc. I literally burned my butt on the leather seats in my car and then my nose with the sunglasses I left in it! I now carry a sarong to sit on (works as a good on-the-way-to-work coffee bib too).