Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Ready, Set, Gold Bond!

This past week has been so interesting! The highlight of course was when I had to call poison control after Keira ate half a tube of Gold Bond itch cream. She ended up being fine, but Ryan and I still worried about her all night long. It didn't help that she slept in almost an hour past her regular wake time, I was seriously concerned. But it turns out she just slept in the next day for fun to freak me out.
I wasn't freaked out when Keira then ate the other half of the Gold Bond a couple days later. Not even going to bother explaining how that happened. Other tubes that were tampered with by Keira this week are: hydro-cortisone cream, toothpaste, and hair conditioner.

Another highlight was when I went out by myself to Starbucks, got a white hot chocolate, and read a book for over an hour. Before I left for that outing, I got into my car and heard a sound I didn't recognize. I thought, "Oh great - what is that sound?" I looked around to see where the sound was coming from and then I remembered I had  heard that sound before. It was barely recognizable but I finally figured it out. It was the sound of nothing - pure silence. I like pure silence and I've missed it! I didn't even turn the radio on to get rid of the silence, I drove all the way to my destination swimming in my own thoughts (which mostly were on the topic of pinterest).

There's another highlight yet!  I got a random phone call from a local sewing center and the gentleman on the other line told me an anonymous person had purchased a sewing machine for me - the very one I've had my eye on for a few weeks now. He refused to give me the information as to who had done such a thing!  At first I thought it might have been my husband because he's heard me ramble on about the sewing machine that I've wanted and I've made him watch youtube videos about it too. Then the sewing guy asked me to fill in the blanks for my address as the anonymous person only knew parts of my address. I knew at that point to rule out Ryan since he's familiar with our address. Which made me think of the next person(s) I've rambled to as well - my amazing parents! I was certain it was them! This was confirmed when I later told my supremely awesome friend about the mysterious sewing machine purchase and she grinned at me. She was in on it, helping my mom out with the details! She knew all along!
Ah, this was a very great gift and the element of surprise made it that much more special!  I would be lying if I didn't say I got a little misty eyed during all of that :)

Alright, enough about me!  Here's a blurb on my darling girls:

Selina who is obsessed with pink constantly asks for the pink plate, pink bowl, pink spoon at every meal.  Keira, the smart cookie she is, copies everything Selina does. She marches in the kitchen now and says, "I wan a pink spoon, a pink un, pink!"
At dinner now, Keira eats about 4 bites of food, hops off her chair stands with her back against the kitchen wall and yells "SET!"  She wants us to say "Ready... SET...GO!!!" Then she runs a little race to the living room and back. Why she chooses to do this at dinner time is beyond me.
Speaking of dinner, Selina asks me every day what we are going to have for dinner. I will tell her and then she responds, "I think we should go out for dinner. How about that?"

I had to laugh at the conversation Selina and her Dad had the other day. Selina came out of her room with a white dress on and a skirt underneath her dress...

Ryan: Why are you wearing a dress and a skirt? That is two things. That makes more laundry.
Selina: Sometimes I wear two things. Sometimes I don't. (Very matter-of-fact)
Ryan: Yes, but you don't need to wear two things.
Selina: Yes, but look at mommy (I was standing there listening to them). She is wearing two things; a shirt and shorts (Selina points at the shirt and shorts.)
Ryan: Yes but those are two different things. They are not the same.
Selina: They are the same. (Selina points to each leg hole of my shorts.) Those are two of the same things.

After that, Selina walked out of the room. Her pride was very much intact as she'd out-answered her Dad. This is funny to me because her Dad has the answer for just about everything. Even I give up in arguments with him. Selina did not :)

Well, that about sums up our week!


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