Sunday, July 24, 2011

Princess Pink and the Missing Paintings

At bed time Ryan and I often have to think up a story off the tops of our heads to tell Selina. Tonight, this is the story we made her (with a little help from Selina too!). One day, maybe she can tell it to her kids :)

Mommy: Once upon a time there was a princess named...
Selina: Princess Pink!
Mommy: Yes, Princess Pink! And her favorite thing to do was...
Selina: Paint!
Mommy: Princess Pink LOVED to paint. She painted lots and lots of pictures and hung them...
Daddy: in her igloo.
Selina: *confused look*
Mommy: Selina, do you know what an igloo is? (Selina shakes head "no") It's a house made of ice and snow! Anyways, one day Princess Pink went to her igloo to paint another picture and discovered all of the pictures were MISSING!!
Selina: *GASP!*
Mommy: Not to worry! Princess Pink noticed very unusual footprints in the snow that looked like duck feet so she followed them! She walked and walked alllllllll the way to Rainbow Land. Just then she saw A PURPLE DUCK...
Daddy: and a giant platypus..
Mommy: and all of her paintings were with them!
Selina: Oh no!
Mommy: Then the Purple Duck said to Princess Pink, "Look around! Rainbow Land has lost all of its color! We saw these beautiful colorful paintings and thought we could hang them here to make Rainbow Land full of color again!"  To which Princess Pink responded, "I'll help you Purple Duck and Giant Platypus hang them up!  And I'll also paint all of your rainbows again!"
Daddy: All that painting made Princess Pink really really tired and she had to go to sleep. The end.

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