Thursday, July 14, 2011

What's new with the kids?

Lately I've been blabbering on about passports and sewing and it's time I focused on my two little girls!


Words that describe Selina:
- Imaginative
- Serious
- Perfectionist (expect when it come to cleaning her room)
- Thrives (on knowledge, on love, on positive reinforcement "I'm proud of you Selina")
- Easily frustrated
- Creative
- Intense (short note: I like teaching Selina new words and intense was one of them. It took me a while to explain to her the definition of intense as she always thought I was saying in tents)
- Helper
- feels deeply, tender hearted
- occasionally defiant 

These days Selina digs mermaids. She said last October that for Halloween 2011, she was going to be Ariel and she still reminds me of that.
The other day we pretended the toy room was a magical ocean and we were mermaids. We tossed couch cushions on the floor as our island. The vacuum was a shark, the couch was an octopus, and the mega blocks were sea creatures. I put a big blanket over the art easel to make a deep sea cavern. Selina and Keira loved the cavern. I had a great time watching Selina transform from a human to a mermaid! She acts it out perfectly! She'll lay on the island of couch cushions, and hold her legs together and wave them up and down like the tail of a mermaid. Then she swishes her hair around and talks in her beauty voice, "Ohhhhh, I am a mermaid girl! Ah, I am so beautiful and I can swim through the ocean!"
I tried to be a mermaid too! And what I discovered was a great ab exercise - keeping the legs together moving them like a mermaid tail. But like all ab exercises, I can only last like 43 seconds and then I'm exhausted. So I morphed into a reef instead.

Funny things Selina says:

- if someone takes something away from her she automatically accuses the person of being a "stoler" (instead of stealer)
-likewise, if someone messes up one of her creations she'll call them a "ruiner"
- I just remembered a recent conversation with Selina that was sorta funny, sort of disturbing - reader discretion advised!
Selina: Mommy, how do babies get out of the tummy?
Me: Um, the mommy pushes them out ("Please don't ask further!!!")
Selina: How?
Me:  Crap.  Well, there's a special hole where the baby comes out.
Selina: But, what happens to the hole?
Me: Ok, it's like this. The tiny little baby lives in the uterus in the amniotic sack. The amniotic sac is like a water balloon. So the baby lives in the water balloon.
Selina: Then how does it breathe?
Me: The baby gets all of it's air, called oxygen from it's mommy. Anyways, you were asking about the hole. The hole is like an stretchy elastic band - like what you put in your hair. You can stretch it really big and then it goes small again.
Selina: *quizzical look*
Me: Well, the water balloon comes out of the big elastic and that's it!
Selina: Can I have a freezie?
Me: YES! Thank goodness - we've moved on!  I hope we don't have to talk about c-sections any time soon :-/


Words that describe Keira:

- Happy
- Goofy and silly
- up to no good  (read the toothbrush blog!)
- easily amused
- polite (love it when a 20 month old uses "Please and Thank you!")
- sweet
- cuddly
- testing boudaries
- helper
- mommy's girl
- dainty

Keira is a bundle of fun! She is at the age I truly love 18-22 months. Although she is cutting molars and has terrible eczema that irritates her constantly, she is very bubbly and funny. This week she has tried out "angry eyes". I hope I can capture this on camera because it's not often we see anything angry about her expression. Ryan and I were commenting on how both of our girls are very expressive. They use every muscle in their faces to make a multitude of great, unusual expressions. She copies her sister and she annoys her sister. But when she plays with her sister nicely, it's one of the greatest joys a mother could have. My favorite thing is to watch her run (go on, bring on the jokes my family.) She smiles as she runs, and waves as she passes by. Her pouchy diaper makes her kinda waddle when she's running and her arms flail about.  She likes clips. Clips of any kind - but the clips she like the most are the ones in her car seat. She hates when I buckle her up 'cause she wants to do it. Every time she gets a hold of a car carrier (baby car seat) she buckles the whole thing up. She loves to cuddle, she loves to read books, and she loves to color (on the wall).

Funny things Keira says:

-Butt (button) ---> Story on butts: Keira helps me do laundry and I let her push the buttons to get it started. When we close the laundry doors she says "Buh bye butts." Today at the craft store we bought butts.
-Dink (drink) Hope she gets the "r" soon
-Lina (Selina)
-Dih Dindy (Miss Cindy)
-T'mas (Thomas the tank engine)
-misy (Maisy - a character from a book)
-Hotdog hotdog hotdoooooooog (she sings the Hotdog song from Mickey Mouse)


Kimberly said...

It's just not everyday you get to say, "Story on butts" and "I morphed into a reef." You always, always make me grin.

And for the record, Csection birth stories are actually EASIER to explain. "How did Anna come out of your body?" Easy. "They cut her out of the my belly." The end. :)

Kimberly said...

And I love the stoler and the ruiner. :) Precious sound bytes. Noah always complains, "I never not gonna ___________," when he feels like something is taking too long to happen. I don't have the heart (or the energy) to explain to him that he's saying it wrong ... and repetitively. :)