Monday, June 6, 2011

Little of this. Little of that.


-Selina spotted a crescent shaped moon in the sky and said, "Someone threw a banana up there and it's shining!"
-Today we saw a diesel truck with black exhaust and Selina said, "That smoke is going to make the cars sneeze."
-Zicadas = you know

Keira is talking more and more. Ryan and I praise her for trying to say new words. We keep Selina in the loop by telling her the things she used to say when she was little. Such as:
Pickle truck- pick up truck
Gieow - crayon
dido - ? (still don't know)
Starbox - Starbucks

Now Selina tells me words she thinks she used to say when she was little:
 'Mom, when I was little and you taught me how to say "car" I said "ar". And when you taught me to say "hair" I said "air" '  This goes on and on with any word she can think of.  :)

Selina loves to set the table at dinner time. So I pick out the non breakable tableware and let her set it. This means Ryan and I get to eat our dinner off of Thomas the Tank Engine and Hello Kitty plates. Hey, it's one less thing I have to do!
She also puts her dishes in the sink afterwards which thrills me! Keira follows suit and gets on her tippy toes and pushes her stuff into the sink too. Sometimes Keira gets confused between the garbage can and the sink. I am missing several cups and bowls, spoons and forks.

Today at bath time I over heard a conversation between Selina and Keira...
Selina: 'Don't splash Keira. Mommy said no splashing. It's a rule. Do you understand? Say "Yes"'
Keira: "Yeth" 
Selina: "Good."

Selina is a good enforcer.


-"Dare, all dun."  - There, all done.
-"He go." - Here you go.
-"one, two, one!"   Keira can count!
-"Wannie" - Blankie

Keira is a good helper like her sister. She loves to empty the dishwasher with me. She also does laundry! I just have to open the door of the washer and dryer and she puts all the wet clothes, one by one, into the dryer.

Today while I was preparing banana pudding I suddenly felt a tug at my shorts and next thing I know every thing I was wearing waist down was around my knees. I was in total shock!

"It wasn't me!!!!" Said Ryan as he laughed hysterically.

I looked down and saw Keira who looked innocent but was GUILTY. Three things flashed in my mind:
1)Glad that was not in Public
2)Wear a belt when leaving the house.
3)Stop laughing Ryan. 

This afternoon I colored my hair (or painting it as Selina says). When it was time to rinse it out, I got on my knees and stuck my head into the bathtub and used the shower head to rinse. Water was all over the place so I had my eyes closed. When I opened them again I stared at the water heading to the drain and noticed it was green.  Ohhhhhhh No!!  What happened to my hair? Then I looked to my right and saw Keira mimicking me. She had her head tipped into the tub too, but she was looking at me grinning with her big dimples. I saw green water streaming down the side of the tub coming from her hands that were covered in green washable marker.
What a relief :)

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Kimberly said...

Noah does that feeding-of-the-line with Anna, too!

I like Keira more and more every day. :) Hee, hee, hee.