Monday, November 14, 2011

Apple Cider Vinegar, scented pine cones, and pickle juice.


Selina is my little weather-loving gal. Every day we have to look at the weather map online and she gives me her prediction of the weather coming our way. When I was her age, I remember liking the weather but I didn't predict it! Oddly, Selina is usually right. I don't know how many times Selina has said to me, "Mom, there's going to be a big storm today." And I would say back, "Selina, all I see is sunshine and no sign of clouds."
...Few hours later...
"Selina!!! Make sure your windows are closed, it's pouring rain!!"
And she says, "See, I told you!"
Honest to goodness, this has happened more times than I can count.  And she has just informed me Winter is coming in four sleeps, on Saturday.

Selina is at the age where she is fighting for her independence and doing things herself. She wants to wash her own hair, do the dishes, make her own breakfast, and make her bed. It's funny because I have been doing these things for her for so long that it takes me back when she asks to do it herself. I have to keep reminding myself that she is old enough to so many things without my help. It's kinda neat, but kinda scary too. She's only 4 and I already have to start letting go.  I hate that part honestly.  I'm trying not to be a crazy mom by hovering over her and stepping in to do things for her, but good grief "Selina your clothes don't match and you didn't wash ALL of the soap out of your hair!!!" Just let it go... deep breath... let it go...

We are still working on our activity books pretty much daily. She can do adding, subtracting, and we've started on countries. In the math department, she's almost mastered doing math in the tens. So not just 4+2  but 42+51. I love teaching her things because it absorbs so quickly. The other day when we were doing countries she was on the Japan page. First she spelled "Japan" then learned about a kimono. The kimono looked like Jesus' clothes to her so she added Jesus' face and arms...

Along with all the new learning stuff, we have also been talking a lot about nutrition. This topic came up hours after trick or treating. It's one thing to say, "No, you can't eat all of that candy." And another thing to say, "Too much candy will make holes in your teeth. We have to be careful of what we eat to protect our teeth and health."  I love that she's old enough I can explain myself and she can mostly understand. In our house apples are super popular. My kids think it's amazing to have a whole apple to themselves. And since candy isn't so great for you, Selina wants to know what benefit each fruit and vegetable has for her. Carrots - vitamin A - eye sight. Oranges - vitamin C - helps with colds.  Then Selina said to me, "I like pickle juice. What kind of supplies does it give you?"   :-)


It's been a big month for Keira. In the last 30 days she turned 2, officially moved to a big girl bed, and last night for the first time ever her diaper was dry.  She also had her first puking episode last week :(  This was my first ever puke clean up ever. I am pretty lucky that in 4 1/2 years I haven't had to deal with that  (there's been other things though - it's not like I've never cleaned a nasty mess before!) Anyways, I think Keira had upset stomach from apple cider vinegar. We all know Keira gets into everything and this was no exception. I left the apple cider vinegar out and I saw her go for it. And like the good mom that I am, I let her. In a split decision, I figured it would be better to learn her mistake from drinking a random substance (the vinegar) rather than something actually poisonous. (And no I don't leave poisonous stuff around, except Gold Bond, but maybe she comes to your house and eats mouse bait!)  Either way, she tasted it and it was gross and I gave her the "don't put it in your mouth unless mommy says it's ok" speech.  Later we both paid for it :-/

I thought she learned her lesson, but she later had a shot of soy sauce and Asian sesame marinade. It bugs me that she can open the fridge on her own.

Ryan and I are loving all her little words and sentences. Here are a few of my faves:

"I'm a pin-cess. IIIIIII'm a pin-cess"  in her sing song voice

"Seen-a (Selina). I not your fwend (friend). I Ben's fwend. Humph."  She says this in her firm voice, arms crossed over her chest.

"Choc-ate?  Choc-ate mommy?"  That's my girl!

And when asked to pick up her toys, "No. I tired." Gosh, where did she learn that from?

And well that's it for now :)
Buh bye!

Tip of the day - Never have an order of Chic fil A and cinnamon scented pine cones in your car at the same time. The combined smell will turn you off from Chic fil A and Christmas for the rest of your life.

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Kimberly said...

My favorite line was your perfectly timed, "It bugs me that she can the fridge on her own." HA!