Saturday, December 3, 2011

A mish mash of stuff

This week I took the girls to see Santa.  It was the same Santa as last year. But this year, Selina loved Santa; Keira did not.   Once again I got to sit on Santa's knee for the picture. As I am typing this, I am wondering why "Santa's" has a big red squiggly line underneath it indicating I spelled it wrong. It gives "Satan" as an alternative spelling. According to Keira, it may as well have been Satan. She really did not like him at all.

After our visit, we went outside to where a big Christmas tree was and holiday music blaring. Selina and Keira starting busting out some dance moves and then Selina promptly fell down and busted her hands. And in true Selina fashion, she made it out to be a serious injury worthy of a trip to the hospital. Which it was not.
That completed our first 2011 Christmas holiday memory.

Today we had the best intentions of going to a Christmas parade. I had the day planned so that I would get some Christmas shopping done in the morning, get home in time to have the kids down for naps,  and then head out to the parade together. But of course when time is ticking, nap time doesn't go over well. And thus, we missed the parade.
But no problem!!  Instead we'll go to Chad's Winter Wonderland tonight!! Chad's is a great place to go check out a whole big area filled with lights and decorations. After dinner, we packed up the kids and got settled into my car. Ryan locked the door to the house before getting into the car.
"Ryan," I said, "Is the door locked?"
"Yes." He replied.
"Did you grab my keys?" I asked
"No." He replied.
"We are locked out of the house." I said.
"- - - - - - - - -" He said nothing back. Then he went for a walk around the house.

5 minutes later.

Ryan re-entered the garage. Opened up the tool box. Got out a hammer. In a very attractive manly way, broke into our house. I was glad he managed to break into the house, I was not so glad to see how easily it could be done.  He then got back into the car and drove us right to the hardware store to pick buy a new door handle.
Finally we got to Chad's Winter Wonderland and we all enjoyed the fabulous display of lights. Santa and Frosty the Snowman bid us farewell. Keira still was unsure of Santa, but loved the 7 ft man made of snow, smoking a large pipe.

I'm sorry...this will have to continue later... a movie called "A Princess for Christmas" just came on the Hallmark channel and I must go watch it. I'm a sucker for Hallmark movies.

Gotta go!! Buh bye!


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Cindy said...

Go Ryan!

I'm sorry that Keira hated Santa, but think it's hilarious that you had to sit on his lap again and can't wait to see the picture. I hope he didn't grab your leg ;-)