Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Selina's thoughts

Things I gotta write down to share at Selina's wedding one day:

Selina asked me the other day how pumpkins grow. I explained to her that a farmer plants all the pumpkin seeds. Then the rain waters them and the sun helps them to grow. Grasping this concept, Selina later explained how Lightning McQueen came into existence. She said, "Mom, a red seed was planted in my tummy in baby water and it was this deep..." (spreads hands far apart vertically to indicate depth) "...it grew and grew and then Lightning McQueen popped out of me!"
So I asked, "Where did he pop out of you?"  She pointed to her belly button.  "Oh, I see!" I said.

Selina was playing with her Lightning McQueen car on the table and Ryan said to Selina he wanted to look at Lightning McQueen because the paint on him was chipping. Selina immediately replied, "NO!"
Ryan said back, "Let me please. I'm the daddy. I want to look at him."
Selina replied, "You are not the daddy. I am Lightning McQueen's mommy, Dino Dan is his daddy and Claire is his Nana!"

Selina is now very familiar with the pumpkin patch and the strawberry patch that we visit every year. She thinks every field that yields a crop is called a "patch". As we drove by a field that had some sort of vegetation growing Selina questioned me, "What kind of patch is that?"
"I don't know what that is." I told her
"Well, it looks like a corn patch to me!"

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