Friday, October 14, 2011

The Nana Interview

Last week my mom came for a much needed visit!
We crammed as much fun and adventure as we could in to 9 days.

Our first full day together we took the girls to a local farm where we went on a hay ride, train ride, and picked a pumpkin. It was the coldest day we've had in a long time and joked that a Canadian cold front has moved in (aka, Ryan's mother in law!)  Throughout the week though, we saw great improvement in the temperature :)

The next day, Sunday, was designated as "What not to wear" day. My mom and I have been planning a day like this for a long time. Our goal was to take hours at the Mall in Green Hills to find great new outfits that Stacy and Clinton would approve of and wear them to dinner at the Blue Bird Cafe. 
In one of the ritzy stores we found a lovely coat that was blue and furry -  very, um, bird-like. (Stacy and Clinton would not approve at all!) As I slipped it on I couldn't hold back my laughter and neither could my mother! And as if the sight of it wasn't funny enough, behind us was a human size bird cage with a mannequin inside.  Lucky for us, there was a sales clerk guy willing to play along with us. So he opened the giant bird cage door and let me in and captured the moment on my camera phone...
My mom also found this beauty:

Aren't they nice??!

As the day went on we actually had very little luck finding the right outfits.  Just as the mall was about to close we rummaged up a couple cute things to wear to dinner.  Unfortunately, we were running late getting to the Blue Bird Cafe and had to change into our outfits in the car in the parking garage behind a row of garbage bins.

We got to the Blue Bird just in time and was seated fairly quickly.  We totally enjoyed the music that night, especially Steve the host of the night, who had a couple hilarious songs he played. Like the Nascar song which basically went, "If you fail college join Nascar and you'll learn everything you need to know in one day... Turn left, turn left, turn left, go straight..." ( )

After that we went to listen to some more great music downtown and finally got home wayyyyyyy late.

Other things we did that week were 1) a trip to Sewanee, Tn 2) play time at Monkey Joe's inflatables 3) a Nana makeover given by Selina and Keira (was given strict instructions not to post pictures!) 4) a trip to Mammoth Cave National Park. 5) Lots more shopping

By the end of the week we were all worn out - in a good way! Or maybe not?

The night before my mom left I decided I'd interview her and document her thoughts on the week!  So, here now is the Nana Interview!

S: Sheri
K: Kristin

K: What were your thoughts when your first saw Selina and Keira in the airport?
S: They seemed to know I was arriving. (Joking that K spilled the beans on the way to the airport that Nana was coming. Was supposed to be a surprise. Oops!) And, Keira is tall!

K: What words would you use to describe Selina?
S:  1) mini teenager  2) amazing hula hooper  3) exceptional speller

K: And Keira?
S: 1) "ya, sure!"  (Keira's go-to answer for everything) 2) monster teeth 3) disgusting   & delightful at the same time

K: Your favorite moments with Selina?
S: 1)She said to me, "Are you my mommy's mommy? Why? My mommy doesn't need a mommy anymore!"  and "my mommy understands me!!"
  2) Selina said to me after hearing loud noises, "What's that sound Nana? Is that fireworks or guns?"  (only in TN would a 4 year old ask that!)  K: Hunting season!
  3) Nana-ventures gone wild. (making a note of Selina's imagination and determination!) And the advice from Kristin to stay away from the smell of cucumber in the woods which means a copperhead is near by (told after arriving home from the 1st nana-venture)

K: In my defense, I didn't know you'd be going in the creek and bushes for your Nana-ventures!!
S: 4) The Nana makeover. 

K: Favorite moments with Keira?
S: 1)Keira learning to say crescent moon which sounded more like "creckett moon"
  2)Keira taunting Selina in the car:
Keira would say "Acorn."  Selina would look around and say, "I do not see an acorn."
Keira would say again, "Acorn"  Selina a little perturbed, " I-I-I DO not see and acorn."   Keira again, "ACORN"  Selina ticked off, "I DO NOT SEEEEEEEE AN ACORN!!!!"
  3) Keira's face always covered in something
  4) Finger painting pumpkins. Keira makes a huge mess then asks "Nana, more paint? More paint? More paint?"
  5) Keira's heavy breathing in my face while applying makeup during Nana makeover.

K: A Selina and Keira moment?
S: At the quiet university grounds in Sewanee Selina spots a squirrel. She starts chasing it and screaming "I'm going to CRUSH THAT SQUIRREL!!!"  And Keira running behind yelling, "Crush! Crush!" 
K: Yes, Selina does not love squirrels after a certain Strawberry Shortcake episode. We got lots of sideways looks from the wandering students!

K: How about your fave moments with yours truly?
S: What not to wear day, trying to get changed in the car, the furry blue coat, and the Blue Bird Cafe.  Loved the Southern hospitality too :)

Thank you so much for coming Mom!!! Miss you and Love you!!


(And don't forget Junie B.!)

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