Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A quick nap time blog

Ah, what a nice week it's been so far! Here are some highlights from this week.

- Keira had her first official outing sans diaper! She had no accidents! 
- Finally got a library card and borrowed several items from the library. Picked out a beginners chapter book called Junie B. Jones Love Handsome Warren. It's about a kindergartner and her two friends and they are all crushing on Warren - a boy from room 8 at school.  Selina loves me to read to her from the chapter book.
- We've had two picnics this week! Between perfect weather, great friends, and solid naps for the girls, I've really enjoyed myself!

- Selina is trying really hard to learn to tell time and count to 100.
- On Sunday evening the girls and I got a cheese pizza to go and then spent an hour driving through the country side. During that time Selina had lots of things to tell me, but these two things I remember:

Selina: Mom, when I was in your tummy I was crying and really sad.
Me: Why?
Selina: Because I couldn't see you!
Me: Well, you couldn't see me, but you were really close to me and you could hear me!
Selina: Um, was pink blankie with me?
Me: No. Pink blankie didn't fit in there.


While we were driving we came upon a cow who'd escaped and was walking along the road. So naturally we stopped to say "Hi" and "Moo" to the cow.

Selina: How do cows make milk?
Me: Not entirely sure. They have milk-making parts in their body.
Selina: I'll tell you how they make milk. First the cows eat the grass. Then the grass goes in the milk-making parts. Then they pee it out!
Me: Yep, something like that!

- Keira is getting her twin size bed tonight! We bought one today at Mattress Firm.  I got really great service today at Mattress Firm. It wasn't till after we left that I found out why. I wore a henley shirt like this:

See all the little buttons on the front of the shirt?  Well I had almost every button done up, except the top one. But as I went about my business purchasing the mattress and bed frame, apparently many buttons had popped open. Which explained why suddenly the gentleman that was helping us had troubles talking full sentences. And when we were about to leave he suddenly blurted out, "Let me help you!" My first thought was, "With what?" As I was leaving with the same thing I came in with - my kids. And then he noticed my look of confusion and quickly added, "With the door. I'll open the door for you." So we walked all the way to the doors and he graciously opened one up very capably.  I said thanks and we parted ways.
Selina later said to me, "Mom you need to do your shirt up. I can see your bras."


-This Friday my mom is coming!!!  Ahhhhhh! So excited. We have lots of things planned, but I just especially can't wait to share coffee and breakfast together :)

What a great week!

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