Monday, March 21, 2011

Evil Benedryl

This week we've had the most amazing weather! Flowers are blooming and many trees have bright green baby leaves. Selina has had opportunity to wear all of her new Spring dresses and pick dandelions in abundance. She loves to collect bouquets of weeds to decorate our house with. We have little vases scattered around with with dead shriveled up flowers in them. It seemed as though they sucked up all the water so quickly that I never had a chance to replenish them. Turns out, my darling Keira had been drinking the murky weed water out of the vases. Not sure what to think about that. I can only hope that the weed water functions like an herbal remedy for her non stop runny nose? It's a nice thought.
Of course this change in seasons has caused the pollen levels to sky rocket and my allergies have come back to haunt me. This year I planned on using as much allergy meds as I want. Last year Keira was nursing, and the year before that I was preggo. How I missed medications! This morning I noticed we were fresh out of adult allergy meds so I broke into my children's benedryl. My thought was, "I know this could make me sleepy, but if I drink lots of coffee the two will cancel each other out and I will be my normal tired self." Only a half hour after taking the benedryl I started stumbling around and my eyes would suddenly shut themselves. I chugged back a huge cup of coffee but it was no use. So I wobbled up the stairs, put Disney Jr. on the TV and said good night to my kids. I went into semi-conscious mode. I could hear my kids wandering around the house and chattering so I figured long as I didn't go into full on sleep, every thing should be ok. An hour and a half went by and I worked up enough energy to get them  a snack and start on lunch. I hoped I could keep it together until 12:30 which is their nap time. Finally when nap time came and the girls were settled I took a 2 1/2 hour nap on the couch too. I was beyond thankful the nap time went way longer than it normally does! I still felt groggy when I woke up and decided to chug some coke. I felt bad that our day was wasted so I packed up the girls and went to my friend Cindy's house where she provided me with more coke and entertainment for Selina and Keira :)
I just finished making dinner, and as I'm writing this I'm noticing that the benedryl is finally wearing off, and the 2 cups of coffee and 2 liters of coke are kicking in. I have a feeling I'll be awake for a looooooong time now  :-S

If anyone else is up around midnight, feel free to chat with me!!


Cindy said...

You can come on over tonight and entertain Ben while James and I get some sleep :-)

The Edwards said...

Wow, that is wild that it knocked you out that much! I've had Hayden on it for a rash from an allergy to a medication, but it didn't make him sleepy at all. Perhaps I should've tried a larger dose. :) Hope your tomorrow is better!

Jacquelyn Y. said...

Ah benadryl. how I feel for u. However I have mornings where I need to sleep while cam plays and I haven't taken a thing so dont feel bad. I just discovered your blog and I love it! It's like chic lit for moms! Hope you have a decent sleep tonight and a good day tomorrow!

Kristin said...

@Cindy - If I hadn't taken another dose I could have run a midnight marathon with him!

Today was a much better day! Lots of deep benedryl sleep last night :)

@ Jackie. I remember when they gave me benedryl in my IV when I was in labor with Keira. I felt like I was high - that stuff is so powerful! What's chic lit?

Kristin said...

googled chic lit - ahhh, I get it :)