Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Picture day and other things.

Picture Day
Why didn't someone remind me today is Spring picture day at Selina's school? I may have helped her pick out her outfit this morning instead of letting her do it all on her own.  I first noticed all the other children going to their classes very prim and proper looking. Hair perfectly coiffed or slicked back. Little girls in cute dresses with lace trim and flowers. Little boys in their "good" jeans and plaid button-up tops. Selina in her day old dirty jeggings that didn't make it to the laundry, pink cotton top, yellow bead necklace and mismatched hair clips. She put them in herself. We didn't even bother to brush her hair this morning...or her teeth. When we got to her classroom I hesitantly asked Mrs. Susan when picture day is. "It's today!" She said perkily. "But don't worry, you can bring the portrait package with you when you pick Selina up this afternoon. Forgetting the portrait package was the least of my concerns as I looked at Selina's couture. I also took note that I should have wiped pancake syrup off of her face too. Oh well! Nothing I can do about this now!  It's a good thing she's cute!  

Other things
This weekend was a pretty good weekend considering I am heavily medicated on allergy meds. Ryan had a whole day planned with Selina so Keira and I were left to hang out together ourselves. Even though I was down to one kid, Keira is still a lot to handle on her own. I knew Ryan would enjoy himself with the 4-year-old. Not worrying about her pooping her diaper or running out into traffic. Eating lunch will be a breeze for him too. But I adore my darling Keira and couldn't wait to spend time with her even though she's a monkey.
I took my monkey to a new cupcake bakery in Gallatin (thanks Susie for posting about it!) I got 3 cupcakes and ate most of them. I tried to share with Keira, but she was too busy ripping the "Pay with Visa" sign off the window and smiling at old people. We walked around the old buildings and did some shopping after.  But then nap time was upon us and we made our way home.
Ryan and Selina came home a few hours later. They had a great date day! First they went to Ryan's work. Selina is obsessed with his work and has wanted to go with him  for a long time now. She thinks it's fantastic there because of the endless rolls of paper. It looks like coloring heaven to Selina. She spent most of her time coloring and brought home a pencil as a special token.  I am so pleased when things like pencils make Selina happy.

Speaking of Selina, she is getting off school soon so I gotta go pick her up. I wonder how picture day went!

Toodles :)

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Kimberly said...

Grinning. :) And looking forward to trying that cupcake place myself.