Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Keira turns 3!

Dear Keira,

First of all, I love you SO much. So so so so so so much. You will not understand how much I love you until you have your own babies. When I think about you, my heart feels overwhelmed with joy!  I hope that you know that whatever you do, whatever you say, whatever you feel, whatever you think, any of these things, good and not so good, I will always love you. My little love, your daddy and I love you unconditionally!  Daddy loves you even when your hurl insults at him, like you did on the way home from the beach last week. You were ticked at him you said in your angry voice, "Daddy. You are an OCTAGON...with 3 SIDES!"   So now, when mommy and daddy are frustrated at each other we call each other octagons with 3 sides!

Here are some other things you say :)

* While driving down a windy road you said, "You make my head wiggly!"

* Airpork = airport

* Porkland = Portland (doesn't that sound lovely?)

* Kamola bar= granola bar

*Cram-ra = camera

* Daddy told you that if you swallow bubble gum a bubble gum tree would grow inside of you. One day you did swallow gum and announced, "Jesus, God and a plant are in my heart!"  The plant of course is the bubble gum tree :)

* One day as we were leaving Lowes, you saw the barnyard-looking sheds in the parking lot and said, "Look! Tiny farms!!"

* While spinning around on your toy the 'sit-n-spin' you got dizzy and said, "The couch is bouncing around!"

*pillow wrapper = pillow case

* I took you out for lunch one day to an old renovated house that had big rooms - perfect for echoing. So you talked extra loud in there just to hear your echo. Then you said to me, "I sound like myself in here!" followed by, "I like to eat trees!"

* You're 3 and we still have poopie issues with you. Before it was nasty issues, now you just refuse to do it. A few days ago you had a tummy ache and I told you that you needed to go poopie. You got mad at me and said, "My poopie went to Nashville! It got in the car and buckled itself!"  Now when you have a tummy ache, I tell you to have a poopie so it can go to Nashville and be with it's other poopie friends.
(Seriously! These are the conversations I have with you Keira!"

* Sea cones = swirly cone-like sea shells.

Currently your favorite TV show is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.
You want to be a witch for Halloween
You hate your car seat and want a booster like Selina. At least now you can buckle your poopie.
You don't eat much dinner. But you love breakfast and call it a snack.
You scream nightly because you really don't like sleeping through the night. I can't stand the screaming, it makes me mental and I can't wait for this phase to pass by.
You're very cuddly and love reading books together.
You like to make my hair look like a princess.
You color on yourself with non washable markers.
I am constantly stopped by strangers who want to let me know how cute you are. This is amazing since you dress yourself like a crazy person, your hair is always a mess,your face is often not the normal color of skin, and you can pitch a fit like no other.  I guess those people see the sweet side of you; the manners you use when you get a cookie at Publix, my helper at the grocery store, giving kisses to mommy for no reason other than you want to...ya, you're pretty sweet and cute
If you could live anywhere in the world, it would be at Hoppity Hop inflatable play center.
You are still tiny. Although really tall, everything about you is still really little. Your wrists are not much more than an inch in width. You nose is like a little button. Your hair (when it's brushed) is soft and silky and falls in perfect waves. It's very golden and gleams like crazy in the sunshine. Makes mommy envious! You and your sister are blessed with amazing locks!

I hope you always know that I am proud to be your mommy. I really do think God had a good time creating you because you are unique in every way. Most of the time I am in wonderment about you. All of the time I'm in love with you baby girl.



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Cindy said...

This is the sweetest post ever! I love all the brilliant and hilarious things she says.

(We have a black and hot pink witch costume she can wear for Halloween if she wants to).