Thursday, September 13, 2012

Making Progress

We are approaching the end of the 1st month of kindergarten. Whew! We made it!

It has literally been an emotional roller coaster.

The first day was mixed emotions, but mostly a lot of confusion.  I wasn't sure whether to drop Selina off or walk her to the classroom, nor was I sure how the pick up line would work at the end of the day. So yes, day 1 = confused mom.  Ha, that rhymed! And henceforth, I shall add more rhymes along the way to the end of this blog :-D
Anyhoo, It seemed like forever before I could pick my baby girl up from school that afternoon! I left at 2:25 to be at the pick up line by 2:30 and school lets out at 2:40. I was obviously one of the crazy kindergarten parents who gets to the line up way too early and had to wait . . . and wait . . . and wait. 
Finally the lineup started moving and I held up my little sign with Selina's name on it and the walkie talkie lady who reads all the name signs gestured me to drive forward to the meet up point.
Then I saw Selina skip from the gym to line 1 where I was to park and get her in the car.  Talk about one of the proudest moments in my life seeing my daughter hop into her seat with a big grin on her face. She tells me she had a good day and I am thrilled! I can't wait to get home and open her backpack to see what she'd done that day. It feels like Christmas everyday opening up her backpack!

The excitement of day 1 wore off quickly when Selina realized she has to go to school EVERY DADGUM DAY (By the way, "Why I love Tennessee Pt II - Southern Speak" is in the works!)
I was hoping that the end-of-the-day good feelings Selina had on day one would carry over to day two, but no such luck. Day 2 = what are we gonna do?
Day 2 I walked her to the gym instead of just dropping her off and making her fend for herself. She clung to me and tears poured down her face. That's the day I kept saying, "Selina you have to go. You will have a good day!" I put on my best brave face and since I am a terrible comforter I pretty much told her to buck up and get over it. "Just walk across the gym to your class!!!!"  She clung harder and I waved one of the teachers over to help Selina walk across the gym. As soon as I saw her  walk away from me I grabbed Keira and ran to the car bawling my little eyes out. I wish I could tell Selina that I don't like this anymore than she does and cry with her, but someone had to be her rock. I didn't help that Keira misses her sister badly and told me so; every 5 minutes. My nerves were raw. I don't like kindergarten.

Day 3

Day 4 - Selina, you have to walk yourself to the door.
That was the day I made myself known as the crazy cheerleader mom in the drop off line. I cheered on my Selina while she walked herself to the gym. But rather unfortunately, the gym door is too freaking heavy for little kindergartners to open! Luckily an older kid came up behind her and opened the door. Honestly, I was a little ticked that someone isn't at the door watching for the kids and helping them get in.
Also on Day 4 I aim to be at the pickup line for 2:40. I save myself 10 minutes of waiting - woot!
Keira hates the pick up line and often screams the entire time we are sitting in it. I am also beginning to take note of the annoying parents in the PU line. The ones who aren't paying attention and giant gaps are left between the cars. FOCUS PEOPLE. FOCUS.   And there's parents who are buddy-buddy with all the teachers and have a tea party with each of them as the PU line moves forward. I want to scream at them and tell them to save social time for a more appropriate place! Dadgum road rage I tell ya!
This is what it's like now every afternoon Monday to Friday, a good dose of road rage, screaming toddler, and cranky, tired kindergartner.
At least I still get excited about opening the backpack!

Okee dokee, moving on...

The following week was the week I went to visit Selina at lunch in the cafeteria and we all know what a joy that was! I viewed every kids mouth within a 5 foot radius and examined how many teeth they each lost. Plus I was informed of everyone's birthday and Selina hugged me and cried. Selina tells me when she put her head down for a rest at school she gets sad and misses me. I know that feeling all too well. 
Perhaps kindergarten is not a good idea.

Suddenly out of nowhere, Selina tells me about her new friends she's made. She also tells Ryan that a little boy in her class, who we'll call Bad Boy, proposed to her! Apparently in his best Shakespearean manner he declared his love for her and said, 'Marry Me! Marry Me! Marry Me!'
Ryan asked, "What did you say to him?"
Selina looked Ryan square in the eyes and said, "I told him NO."
I wonder if this could be the first time Ryan considered owning a rifle (Oh my goodness! I can't believe I just said that! Portland is rubbing off on me! It would be very easy to get a gun if we wanted. Just go up the street to the pawn/gun shop, across the street from the tanning/video store, I bet you could pay in squirrels!)

Off track

Week 3 = could it be?

Selina likes school! She knows what specialty class she has each day. Her favorites are phys ed, art, and guidance. She wants to eat cafeteria food like her little friend, and also wear bows in her hair like her friends too. Selina asks me if her clothes match every morning before school, and I have to beg her for a hug before she runs to the gym.
"Bye Mom!" she hollers as she leaves my embrace. She uses her mighty muscles to open the gym door by herself and even opened the door for a big kid today. Mama is PROUD as can be.
I even get this note from her teacher via email:

P.S.--Selina and another girl made my day at lunch today.  I had a meeting to attend at Wiseman until 11:00 this morning, so they had a substitute teacher until lunch.  When I showed up at lunch, Selina and her friend were jumping up and down and giggling with each other.  When I asked what was going on, she said they were really excited to see me.  SIGH--that made my day :):)

 And best of all, I picked the exact right time to get to the PU line up today. Not too early, not too late, just the right time. I gave Keira a pair of sunglasses to shield the sun from her eyes and bubble wrap to pop. It was a fairy tale ending to this Thursday afternoon. Except for the tired, cranky, kindergartner. 

Another early bed time.

One more day of school this week. I am beginning to relish my weekends now more than ever!

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