Friday, August 31, 2012

Boo Hoo Breakfast

The school hosts a Boo Hoo breakfast for parents/grandparents of kindergartners and today was the day it took place! In the cafeteria of course.  Oh please, not the cafeteria!!

I had to drop off Selina first at the gym first. The dad in front of me, also dropping off a kid, asked me if I was going to the Boo Hoo breakfast and if I knew where to go. I told him I was planning to make my way through the front doors and then go to the cafeteria. Just then his son popped out of the car and ran behind Selina towards the gym doors. It turns out I just had my first conversation with Lucas' dad. He seemed to be quite a friendly fellow.

At the cafeteria, all the teeny short tables with benches were set up and once again I had to squeeze myself into one. Before that though, there was another table with a ton of books a giveaways that we could snatch up to bring home for our kindergartners. Keira and I also grabbed a yummy breakfast.

Once we were seated the program began. The teachers, librarian, and resource staff (including a guidance counselor) introduced themselves and gave a short speech on their roles and what they expect from our little kindergartners.  The librarian read us a story of which she's been reading to the kindergartners over the last week. The story starts with how you begin as a baby, then you grow up and get teeth and play hide and go seek, then you learn to pump yourself on the swing, then your teeth fall out, and then you go to kindergarten.


I was about to burst into tears when Keira looked up at me and she had green snot shooting out of her nose. Well that's really gross Keira! I wiped the slime from her face and told her to stop bringing her shirt to her nose to wipe it clean. Then my ball of emotions disappeared (thank goodness) and I saw all the kindergartners lined up at the door waiting to come in.

From that point on I wore a big goofy grin on my face, absolutely delighted to see my daughter in the row of children. Lucas was standing next to her. He was wearing an angry birds shirt. Keira was playing angry birds on my phone. That's just random information right there.

The kids did 2 songs. The yellow song and the purple song. Both deserved a standing ovation in my opinion!
I was totally amused by Selina though. She tried not to make eye contact with me because if she did then she would grin all goofy like I was and then shy away from it.

After they did their songs, they went back to their class and us parents each wrote a special letters to our kids which will be delivered later on today. Keira drew a picture for Selina. She really misses Selina. it blesses my heart to have two little girls that love and adore each other...most of the time.

Counting down the minutes till I pick Selina up. That will complete our first full week of school.

It's hard. It's getting better though.  

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