Wednesday, May 25, 2011

It's my party and I'll scream if I want to!

So it's my Birthday today - yep! It's been quite the day so far. I woke up really tired because I stayed up late to watch the Canucks slay the SJ Sharks (plus in between periods I played Angry Birds). Thankfully my kids sort of slept in.
First thing I did this morning was make myself a latte then drank half a bottle of cold/flu medicine because a Birthday just isn't a Birthday until your sinuses are backed up with all sorts of junk.
Since I've kept my kids home for the last 2 days due to sickness, it was time to get out and do something - anything. I decided to go on a cicada hunt. I know what you're thinking, "Kristin went on a cicada hunt? Isn't she terrified of them?"  And yes, yes I am. But I haven't experienced the cicada phenomenon to it's full extent and my curiosity has gotten the best of me. If I am in the car and they are on the outside, then I'm fine.
I heard a rumor that they can be found in droves in the older parts of town. Areas with lots of old mature trees and shrubbery. Off we went!
The kids and I drove to Old Gallatin and sure enough the cicadas were everywhere. I could see them landing on peoples windshields then getting swept side to side when the wipers were turned on. Some of the cicadas stuck to the wipers and they would go back and forth over your windshield, staring you down with their big red eyes. They really do sound like weed eaters - lots of weed eaters.
Ok, I've had enough. It was time for lunch so we went to Wendy's (although my appetite was nearly gone.)  I found a parking spot nice and close to the door so the run from the car wouldn't be long. But no matter where I went though, the cicadas found me. With lightning fast speed, I unbuckled the girls and we hustled into Wendy's where we met some friends for lunch. After that we took a short drive down the road to Sweet Cece's for frozen yogurt.  (I am very excited there is a new Sweet Cece's in Gallatin, yay!!) But when we got there, we were met by DUM DUM DUM...CICADAS. Tons of them!! I sat in my car looking into Sweet Cece's - all the cheesecake and berries and cookie dough beckoning me! But swarms of cicadas flew around my car as if to taunt me! I could hear them growling "Soooo...gonna get out of your car? What are you going to do if I fly RIGHT BY YOUR FACE??? Wanna piece of me? Huh? Huh?"
I took a deep breath, gathered my courage and stepped out of the car. Like a military Sargent I hollered at Selina and Keira, "Come on, let's GO GO GO! Quick, They're after us!!" Selina hopped out of her seat and I went to get Keira. I was tip toeing around the dead cicada carcasses on the ground. My hands were flying all over the place trying to wave them away. I grabbed Keira and flew into the store!
We were greeted by two lovely ladies, one of them said, "My my! You are very excited to be here huh?"
At first I was confused but then I realized she'd been watching my fancy footwork and arm waving outside and assumed it was a joyful dance for Sweet Cece's. So I said back, "Oh yes, I am very excited to be here! But what you just saw was me dodging the cicadas!" 
Anyhoo, we got our frozen yogurt and loved every last bite. Soon it was time to return to the car. Back into the cicada battlefield. I told Selina the plan of action, "Selina, you go right to your door and get in. Don't waste any time. Close your door immediately."  I had to put Keira into her seat and buckle her up. As I was leaning over her car seat, something hit my back and I screamed! I quickly turned to see if it was a cicada and pulled something in my neck. Those darn things! I rushed to my side of the car and got in. Whew. It was over. 

On our way home I pulled over in a wooded area where there were zillions of them. I took a video of what they sound like...

Since they have taken over, I've decided to do my best to have fun with them. No I won't touch them or go near them if I can help it, but when I'm driving along I now pretend my car is the Starship Enterprise and the cicadas are all the stars that pass by while I'm driving warp speed. My husband will be so proud :)

I would love to know what everyone thinks of the cicadas. What impact have they had on your lives??? Humor me!   :)

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