Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Simon says, "Be a mommy!"

Sometimes I wonder how I am doing as a mom and really all it takes is just getting feedback from your children! I find that as I am raising my kiddos, I am also raising myself. I nit pick at them for keeping a tidy room, and I nit pick at myself to keep a calm voice when I am talking to them! It's kinda freaky when your children imitate you, good or bad! It just goes to show how crazy observant they are. Even though they have their own little (or big) personalities, the way my children act is a huge reflection of me! It's been very humbling sometimes! My favorite is when Selina comes to me, cups my face with her hands and says, "I love you Mommy".
I learned from a mom's group meeting a while ago that you should try and hold your child's face in your hands and look at them when you talk, then tell them how much you care for them. I have done my best to do this every day, and it's sure payed off. But then there are some not so great things Selina says about me! We were playing Simon Says and I thought this would be a great opportunity to see what would happen if I said, "Simon says be a mom!" I'll just be frank, I was very concerned about what Selina would do to show me her best impersonation of her mother. Would she put her hand on her hip and say, "Hurry up, get in the car!" or "Stop it! This is driving me crazy!" or "You need to clean up your mess!" or even, "Be kind to your sister - NOW!"  But as it turns out she just pointed down towards the floor and said, "Don't touch that!"

Whew! It could have been much worse!

Then I thought I would be sneaky and asked, "Simon says...Be a daddy!" Then Selina stood up straight, puffed up her chest, raised one hand in the air and said in a low proud voice, "I AM GOING TO WORK!"  So based on that, I don't think we are doing too bad as parents!

Simon Says has been a new fun game we like to play with Selina. But Selina has invented another new fun game to play called "Let's try and take a Passport picture!"  This is no joke! She has literally taken one of the worst experiences of my life and turned it into a game! Selina props herself up onto a chair and then tells Ryan or I to hold our imaginary cameras and then tell her what facial expression to make and which way to tilt her head.  Then we will say "Click click click" like we're taking a picture and she will either approve it or deny it. Whoever takes the best picture wins! I find this funny, but deep down I am still bubbling with fury over the passport picture fiasco. (Will post original story below in case you haven't read it :0)   )  And just so ya'll know, the picture we sent to the Canadian Government was indeed denied this week. And now I have to do the whole thing over again. Not impressed at all!

Anyways, in other news my darling little Keira has learned to blow kisses, wave and drink from a regular cup. All good things! She is obsessed with zippers and dressing herself - she is not good at either of those and freaks out all the time. Recently I mentioned how much I love that she calls me "Mama". But it went from cute to screamy in one week. "MAMA MAMA!!!! She yells from across the house for no other reason than it gets me to run to her in a frantic manner. She finds that funny and giggles. I don't care, I find it funny too. I can't wait to hear her talk more. I wonder what she will say?  She'll probably say, "Don't touch that!"

That's it for now!

Previously...the Passport Fiasco...

Well, that was fun! By Mommy

by Kristin Grier Jeffs on Wednesday, February 9, 2011 at 6:51pm
So, another snowy day in Tennessee. Husband has been ordered to bring home pizza tonight and this is why...

Once upon a time I took Selina and Keira to Gallatin to re-do Selina's passport pictures because Canadian passport picture requirements are 7985 pages long. And how do you get a 3 year old to achieve all of those requirements you ask? Well you go to a UPS store and take up an hour of their time just to get the right shot. Not one, but two UPS dudes working on it together. During this hour Keira loaded her diaper (of course). And Selina ran around popping all the bubble wrap they have (in between picture taking). Every minute that went by the roads got a little bit worse and daylight was slipping away. Finally the right picture came along (I hope!) and off we went back home to Portland.   But first, have to change Keira's diaper in the back of my car while clumps of snow fell down the back of my coat and snow flakes settling on Keira's bare skin.  But she's tough and didn't complain. Anyways, any one that's driven to Portland would know that you have to go up a massive hill with huge drop offs on either side. Not really fun to drive in bad weather conditions, but also since it's a main highway, it's been salted and cleared for the most part and actually that part of the drive was not too bad. During the drive up the big hill the snow had lightened a bit and my windshield wipers weren't needed. But at the top they got bigger and my slower speed made the flakes melt on my windshield. Now I needed my wipers but they were frozen solid to the window in chunks of ice and snow. Hmmm, that's isn't helpful. I blasted the heat on the window hoping heating it would melt the ice and help my wipers along. Now it's 90 million degrees in my car, but that's ok my wipers finally got unstuck. Or wait, only one did, the other left the rubber stripping stuck to the windshield still. That's a pain but luckily it was on the passenger side - ha! I don't need that one anyways!! Feeling a little triumphant at this gift of sight on my side of the car, we approached the turn off to the back roads taking us the rest of the way home. This last 3 minutes of the drive were the most tricky. I made the first back road turn, success. 2nd turn into the ditch. Ok, can't drive forward will try driving backwards. Look in my rear view mirror and see a car slowing down. A friendly neighbor offers to help me but I advised him I was going to try backing up first. He pulls ahead and awaits to see if I could do it or not. Toss the car into reverse and manage to get out of the ditch. What a miracle! Feeling proud of myself I have a new found confidence that I can get up the really steep road that takes us to our house.  But nope, no way, that hill will be too treacherous. I took 4 runs at it only getting half way up. Then I thought I'd try one more time aim to be as close to the side of the road to get as much traction as I could. Two possible outcomes: a) make it up steep hill successfully or b) get stuck in deep ditch. I can tell you it wasn't a). But it also wasn't b)! Got half way up the hill again till the car went no more. Hit the breaks to put the car back into reverse and coast back down the dill. But as soon as I hit the breaks the car just slid backwards. Since I am so close to the side of the road no matter what i did either the front end of my car would go in the ditch or the back end would. I pull my e-break and all I want right now is the car to stop. It finally did teetering half way into the ditch. Then Selina screams from the backseat "I HAVE TO GO POTTY!!" Arg, NOW???? Fine, leave car half way up the hill and half way in the ditch with hazard lights on and carry children the rest of the way home (in the dark and the cold, nice eh?). I call Ryan and tell him to bring home pizza and to watch out for my car when he tries to get up the hill too :)
Selina is watching Dora and at the end of the show Dora asks, "What was your favorite part (of the adventure?)" And Selina replied to Dora "When it was snowing lots and mommy got angry!!"

Anyways, pizza is here and I am hungry!! I love my life - it entertains me :)

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